Back pain is a common nuisance that a lot of people deal with on a daily basis. In fact, 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at some time in their lives and one-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year. Back pain  often interferes with daily life, taking its toll on our overall health if not relieved.

At Proactive Chiropractic, it’s our passion to help individuals like you experience pain-free living by giving your body a chance to heal itself.

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Taking Care of Your Back

Preventing Back Pain and Injury

You only have one back for life. You must take care of it to ensure you have a pain free future. By changing your daily lifestyle, adding in exercise and using proper lifting techniques, you can ensure your back is receiving the best care possible, at home and at work.

Visit our Taking Care of Your Back page to learn tips and techniques for keeping your back and body healthy.


Everything You Need to Know About Back Pain

How to Avoid Back Pain

Are you experiencing back pain that you’re concerned could be serious? Not sure how you could have injured your back? It might be time for you to seek care for your back pain. Even if your back pain is chronic, there are ways to avoid further pain in the future. There are also methods to sleeping properly to ensure you’re rested and common myths that must be uncovered about your back pain.

Relief is right around the corner. To learn more, visit our Back Pain page and learn how to find relief, when to seek care and how to avoid serious complications.


All About Back Injuries and Treatment Options


If you have yet to experience an injury, some simple prevention can ensure you never have to. It’s important to understand how to prevent injuries at home and at work while understanding what to do if an injury occurs. Serious injuries require medical attention immediately, especially if you have recurring symptoms.

To learn more about these symptoms, how to choose between heat or ice and how a chiropractor can help, visit our Back Injuries and Treatment  page for more information.


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