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Neck PainIf you suffer from it, you’re certainly not alone. Even if you’ve had neck pain that has been unresponsive to treatment in the past, our Neck Pain Chiropractor Dr. Khlebopros, can assess the problem, make an accurate diagnosis, and treat your pain with a multidisciplinary approach that is effective and long lasting, even permanent.

That’s because Dr. Khlebopros has a unique background that not only includes extensive experience in chiropractic care,  physiological therapies and eastern pain management practices. As such, he is able to customize your neck pain treatment program using the latest in tools, technologies and techniques.

As you know, curing a neck problem can be a real challenge because there can be so many causes. It takes a knowledgeable professional to diagnosis the root cause of the pain and then deliver a treatment program that is safe, gentle and most important, effective.

Dr. Khlebopros – Charlotte Proactive Chiropractic Clinic

At our chiropractic center  uses several approaches to treating acute and chronic neck pain in patients. This includes spinal manipulative therapy as well as physiological therapies and exercise to get permanent, lasting relief. In many cases, patients have reported positive results after just a few treatments, including increased mobility and decreased pain, or even no pain at all.

Knowing that neck pain can return, Dr. Khlebopros will work with you to discuss changes in lifestyle, such as exercise and diet, that can continue to improve your condition going forward, including strengthening muscles and surrounding neck structures and avoiding situations that can cause a relapse.

If you’re suffering from neck pain, contact us today to make an appointment with our neck pain Chiropractor.

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