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When you’re injured at work, workers compensation will help you receive the treatment you need for your pain. As soon as your injury occurs, it’s important to alert your employer to get started on your claim. Severe injuries require immediate medical attention, while sprains and other musculoskeletal injuries can improve through chiropractic care.

Common Workers Comp Injury Claims

In the workplace, there are many different ways to injure your body. When it comes to workers compensation claims, there are injuries that are more common than others such as:

• Overexertion: This occurs when you pull, push or lift something, causing an injury such as a pulled muscle.
• Slip and falls: When you trip over something at work, you risk falling and suffering a fracture, sprain, ligament tear or another injury.
• Being struck by an object: You can be struck by something falling from a shelf or dropped by another employee causing head injuries, back injuries and more.
• Repetitive motion injury: Typing or working in manufacturing can result in repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel or bursitis.

Consider Non-Invasive Treatment First

Any of these injuries can result in musculoskeletal injuries that can be treated through the use of chiropractic care. In fact, non-invasive treatment such as adjustments and other treatment options should be your first choice.

Invasive treatment such as surgery and pain medication can often result in more harm, working against your body. Chiropractic treatment works with your body, strengthening your musculoskeletal system through movement and adjustment.

Injured at Work? Don’t Wait to Receive Proper Treatment

Regardless of the injury you suffer in the workplace, you shouldn’t wait to receive proper treatment. Chiropractic care can help relieve or completely eliminate the pain associated with these injuries. However, if treatment is not sought as soon as possible, you could be left open to further injury or chronic pain.

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