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    Concerned about the damage that volleyball can do to your child’s back? As a sport involving a lot of jumping, bending, and twisting, volleyball can put a strain on the spine. Fortunately, proper care and chiropractic treatment can minimize injuries and allow your young athlete to continue playing the sport they love.

    What volleyball does to the spine

    Volleyball.com states that 14% of volleyball injuries are back injuries, and many sources point out that the lower back is the part of the spine most at risk. According to the Sports Medicine team at the Children’s Hospital Colorado Orthopedics Institute, “repetitive bending and rotating of the trunk” makes back injuries common among volleyball players, and lower back strains are most common, though “repetitive hyperextension of the lower back during hitting and setting [ . . . ] can lead to stress fractures of the vertebra in the spine” (aka spondylolysis).

    Stop Sports Injuries also highlights the possibility of a herniated disc. While not every instance of back pain is significantly dangerous, it can be disruptive to a young athlete’s routine, and persistent and/or severe pain can be cause for concern. Volleyball.com reports that “back injuries can be complex in nature and require the attention of expert and experienced therapists.”

    Ways to treat volleyball back injuries

    The level of treatment required depends on the severity of the damage. Stop Sports Injuries says that with strains, “pain usually resolves with rest, physical therapy and athletic training services.” One possible form of therapy is chiropractic, which can be used to treat back pain in general, as well as herniated discs.

    Prevention is key

    Of course, while treating existing back pain is good, preventing it is even better. In addition to cross-training and taking breaks from sports activity to allow muscles time to heal and prepare for next season, momsTEAM recommends core and balance training.

    Similarly, Stop Sports Injuries recommends “strength training techniques” in addition to proper warm-up (including stretches) and cool-down procedures before and after practices respectively. Consultation of a medical practitioner is also advised.

    Looking for a Chiropractor for Your Back Pain?

    For more permanent back pain relief, Proactive Chiropractic provides professional treatment that involves determining the cause of pain first.  Our experienced chiropractor, Dr. Alec Khlebopros, practices a wealth of services, treatment options, and procedures that can help to restore patients to their healthy selves.

    Contact us today if you’re looking for a back pain chiropractor.

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