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    Research articles have been published about the United Kingdom’s problems with whiplash, which has led the region to be crowned as “the whiplash capital of the world”. Incredibly, estimates suggest that 10 to 60 percent of cases are fraudulent, or at best mistaken.

    The United States has one of the most vibrant car cultures in the world, including the existence of an interstate system which takes you through the 48 mainland states. Similar to the United Kingdom, the number of whiplash cases and the cost of these injuries have some observers wondering if the US has a problem with whiplash, similar to the U.K.

    What Causes Whiplash?

    Whiplash takes place in the area of the neck known as the cervical spine, which connects your head to the rest of your body. This area props your head up, protects the nerves and blood vessels travelling down the spinal column and allows for a certain range of movement.

    Most often, whiplash is caused by car accidents in which one vehicle strikes another from behind, causing a sudden forward momentum shift for drivers and passengers. Sudden momentum prevents the rest of your spine from moving along with your head, causing stress within the ligaments, muscles and spinal discs. Sudden vehicular impacts from the side or diagonally may also cause whiplash, even if bumper-to-bumper contact creates the majority of whiplash accidents.

    Any time a sudden force shifts your head and neck quickly away from the rest of your body and spine may result in whiplash. This could be from a behind the back tackle, or a sudden fall in which your neck isn’t properly supported. The force created in any whiplash situation ends up pulling at the entire neck, which can only move so far before anatomy prevents the area from moving further. At this point, strains and tissue breakdown can occur, which is most painful when nerves are involved.

    Since the spine and nervous system represent a complex biological system that has yet to be fully understood, doctors still have issues attempting to precisely diagnose whiplash cases, including specific causes for pain and discomfort. Put simply, it’s difficult for physicians to pinpoint whether a case has been caused by problems with the nerves, muscles, ligaments.

    Whiplash Across the USA

    Plenty of research has been put into whiplash, but occurrences of whiplash continue to rise. A report released by the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine outlined the massive problem of whiplash across the United States. Estimates suggest an excess of 800,000 whiplash cases annually, not counting unreported incidents. In these cases, the estimated cost to productivity and quality of life has been estimated at a whopping $8 billion.

    The most misunderstood cases of whiplash tend to be incidents at low speeds of 15 km/h or below. Despite the low speed, 84% ended up having a whiplash-related injury, despite numerous attempts by the auto industry to protect drivers from impact.

    Protect Your Neck

    When you’re dealing with whiplash and other problems associated with the spine, a great chiropractor has the ability to help you heal while reducing the pain that you experience.

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