• Topical Cream Chronic Back Pain

    Is chronic back pain cramping your style? Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, either as a result of injury or the simple wear and tear of daily life.

    Perhaps you pulled a muscle helping your friends move, or sustained a slipped disc during a car accident that is causing inflammation of the surrounding tissues.

    Whatever the cause, the pain is making you miserable, and it’s not going away. So you reach for the topical back pain relief cream and hope that you’ll wake up pain-free. After all, tomorrow is another day…

    Topical Back Pain Relief: Does It Work?

    If you woke to find that time (nor your topical cream) hasn’t healed all, you might wonder whether you bought the wrong cream. Before you head to the pharmacy, it’s important to understand how topical creams work.

    People have been rubbing ointments into the skin for ages (remember Tiger Balm?) but any pain relief produced usually had more to do with the massage action than with the medicinal properties of the cream itself.

    Modern through-the-skin, or transdermal, products have only been around since the 1980s. These popular pain relieving drugs, delivered through the skin via gels, creams or sprays, work by reducing inflammation below the skin’s surface and soothing nerve pain.

    While such creams are easy to use and provide faster back pain relief than taking pills orally, with fewer side effects, they only provide temporary relief at best – not the permanent back pain relief you need.

    Other disadvantages of using a medicated cream include:

    • Efficacy can depend on hard-to-control factors like blood flow and body temperature
    • Allergic skin reactions can develop
    • Certain types of back and neck pain that originate deep in the body will not respond at all
    • Even over-the-counter creams, in high doses, can cause harm to the liver over time

    The Ultimate Treatment for Chronic Back Pain

    If topical lotions and potions have limited effect, then what is the best way to alleviate chronic, debilitating back and spine pain? First, your physician must get to the root of what is causing the problem, be it injury, stress and strain, genetic causes, or even diseases like arthritis.

    Often this is not readily apparent, since back pain can have multiple causes; that’s why an experienced professional is required to diagnose the source(s) of the pain and develop a tailored treatment plan to address them.

    Next, proper chiropractic treatment will return your spine to its natural position of alignment, which leads to a relaxation of the surrounding structures and connective tissues. Why chiropractic?

    It’s safe, gentle, non-invasive, and allows your body to heal itself naturally from the inside out. And the pain is banished permanently, restoring you to full function mobility – a far cry from the temporary relief provided by topical creams.

    Looking for a Chiropractor for Your Back Pain?

    For more permanent back pain relief, Proactive Chiropractic provides professional treatment that involves determining the cause of pain first.  Our experienced chiropractor, Dr. Alec Khlebopros, practices a wealth of services, treatment options, and procedures that can help to restore patients to their healthy selves.

    Contact Proactive Chiropractic for a consultation today, and save money on topical creams (or other medications).


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