• sports injuries

    The most common injuries related to the intense physical activity that results when playing a sport cause a great deal of problems for those affected. Untreated, these injuries can have a serious impact on the quality of your life and your overall health.

    The following five are among the most common sports injuries that require your complete attention.

    Rotator Cuff Tear

    A rotator cuff tear takes place when the tendons that attach the muscle to the bones becomes damaged through repeated use or a sudden over-extension of the shoulder. As the tendon weakens, it becomes torn, causing a great deal of pain and a severe reduction in mobility and use of the arm. A tear of the rotator cuff may involve physical therapy, while serious tears may require surgery to reattach the tendon to the shoulder.

    ACL Tear

    The anterior cruciate ligament in the knee is a connective piece of tissue that runs diagonally through the middle of the knee, allowing for a complex range of motion in the knee joint. It keeps the knee in place while allowing your leg muscles to transmit power for locomotion. ACL tears are serious injuries that cause plenty of pain in the affected area while reducing the ability to make use of the leg.

    Meniscus Tear

    The meniscus is a piece of curved cartilage that provides a cushion to the knee. A pair of them help reduce the impact of sports upon the knee, situated between the thighbone and shinbone. The knee feels as if it’s popped when a meniscus tears, immediately causing discomfort. The injury is common, and many people are able to continue walking or even playing sports afterwards, although it can cause serious complications to the rest of the knee if left untreated.

    Labral Tear of Hip

    The hip joint undergoes an incredible amount of stress when playing sports, absorbing the impact of the twists, turns and acceleration of your body. A labral tear involves the cartilage that surrounds the ball-and-socket style joint that connects the hip. At first, you may feel a kink or a distinct pain in the hip, which may be a signal of the beginning of the degeneration of your hip.

    Labral Tear of Shoulder

    Similar to the labrum of the hip, the labrum of the shoulder is the cartilage that surrounds the ball joint that allows the should to rotate while remaining attached to the rest of the body. A decrease in strength, a locked shoulder and difficulty lifting your hands above your head are all signs that you may be suffering from a labral tear.

    Take all Injuries Seriously

    We would all like to see ourselves as invincible, but our bodies do break down, especially when we perform repetitive motions on a frequent basis.

    Proactive Chiropractic has been helping individuals for over 10 years to prevent and treat sports injuries.  Contact us today for more information about shoulder pain treatment options.

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