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    Do you know which sports are most likely to injure young athletes’ backs? While probably all sports are accompanied by the possibility of back injuries, some are worse than others. Here are some of the worst sports for your back:


    Given that football is an intense contact sport that uses the whole body, the possibility of back injuries isn’t surprising. Strains and contact injuries are both listed by Everyday Health as possible back injuries resulting from football. Know Your Back discusses the nasty-sounding stinger, “a sports related injury to the nerves about the neck or shoulder” also described as a burner or nerve pinch injury. Stingers often plague football players.

    One symptom of a stinger is “painful electrical sensations radiating through one of the arms”. Clearly, the possible back injuries involved in playing football are worth considering and taking steps to prevent.


    While almost every student is likely to be running as part of their high school experience at some point, either as part of their gym class or their cross country or track and field team, it can cause noteworthy back injuries.

    The sport is listed by the Spinal Stenosis blog as one of the worst for your back because it’s high impact and repetitive (just think of feet hitting the ground over and over again and the impact on a runner’s spine becomes clear).


    While gymnastics can harm just about any part of your body, Know Your Back points out that the twisting and hyperextension of the spine required for this sport can cause significant back problems.

    Spondylolysis (a stress fracture in one of the vertebra making up the spine) and spondylolithesis (in which one vertebra slides over the vertebra below it) are both possible injuries. Everyday Health adds that traumatic injuries from sprains, strains, and fractures are all possible dangers.


    The reason why weightlifting can harm an athlete’s back is fairly obvious: weightlifters lift heavy objects, which is a common cause of back pain regardless of whether you play a sport or just need to move to a new house. Spine Health explains that the “weight loading at the end of a range-of-motion” involved in the sport can cause injuries to the lower back. Those who don’t engage core muscles are also putting their neck and back muscles at an extra-high risk for injury.

    Golf and Tennis

    While not as common high school sports as football, there are many high schoolers playing both games. According to Everyday Health, the very mechanics of a golf swing stress your back. That repetitive twist is to blame. The Spinal Stenosis blog cites the same problem with tennis and adds lunging and high impact to the list.

    One way to help young athletes deal with and prevent back pain is to have them see a chiropractor. A chiropractor can adjust their spine and provide stretches and strengthening exercises to help prevent future injuries.

    Have You Injured Yourself Playing These Sports?

    If you enjoy playing any of the sports mentioned above, chances of injuring your back are extremely high. If you indeed get injured paying your favorite sport, a chiropractor can help. Unlike painkillers and muscle relaxers, chiropractic services and physiological therapies provides you with lasting relief for your back pain, and is not only safe and gentle, but highly effective. To enjoy a pain free life, contact back pain chiropractor Dr. Khlebopros  today at (704) 837-8264 to schedule an initial examination at his chiropractic clinic.

    You can also learn more about taking care of your back with our Back Pain Prevention Guide.

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