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    Worried about injuries that may befall your kids while on their high school team?

    As the UPMC states, when it comes to basketball, “like the pros and college players, high school and recreational athletes are subject to injuries” due to the “short, intermittent bursts of activity”; “quick stops and starts”; and “physical contact” involved in playing the game.

    Furthermore, a study of high schools found basketball to have one of the highest rates of injury of the sports played by students. With knowledge of the most common injuries to basketball players and how to treat them, however, you can help your kids avoid some of the possible damage and let them enjoy the game.

    The Most Common Basketball Injuries

    MomsTeam reports that sprains are a particularly common injury for high school basketball players. Additionally, a study published in Sports Health found ankle sprains to be the most common injury for NBA players over a 17-year period. General trauma is another culprit.

    Strains, defined on MomsTeam as “partial or complete [tearing of] muscles or tendons”, account for many other injuries. Ankle or foot injuries in general are very common. Moreover, many of the more severe injuries requiring surgery (a rare but occasionally necessary step) involve damage to the knees.

    Treating Common Basketball Injuries

    As Stopsportsinjuries.com explains, some injuries like ankle sprains primarily require RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), while others may require more extensive rehabilitation. Knee injuries can often be treated with ice, bracing, and a gradual return to activity, though as mentioned previously, they can in rare cases require surgery.

    Lifetime Fitness reports that chiropractic treatment can be helpful in preventing some of these injuries from happening in the first place. Some of the ways chiropractors can help prevent injuries include “conditioning to improve speed”, “exercises to extend flexibility “manipulations to enhance range of motion”, “adjustments to increase balance”, and “mobilizations to encourage strength”.

    Many of these methods can also improve players’ performance. NBA teams are universally acknowledging the value of chiropractic for basketball players; high school players can benefit from the same treatments.

    Injured Playing Basketball? Consult a Chiropractor

    According to a recent study by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), sprains are the most common basket ball injuries. If left untreated, sprains can lead to troubling complications. Therefore, you should seek help from a professional chiropractor as soon as possible.

    At Proactive Chiropractic, we’ve helped countless patients who have suffered from lack of mobility or pain because of a basketball injury.  Dr. Alec Khlebopros has over 10 years of experience as a sports chiropractor, and has been recognized as the area’s best chiropractor on both Facebook and BizVotes.

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