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    The results that people get through CrossFit have made this method of training one of the most popular trends in the fitness world. One of the reasons CrossFit is so successful is because it works the entire body while providing a cardiovascular exercise.

    However, CrossFit is not easy, and requires dedication to learn the correct way of committing to each of the exercises. These are three of the most common CrossFit injuries you will come across during your training.

    Lower Back Pain

    One of the most common injuries when engaging in CrossFit training is lower back pain, which can arise through a variety of means. This type of injury often occurs from overuse or from pushing yourself too hard. One of the quickest routes to lower back pain involves lifting a weight that is too heavy for your fitness level.

    Another fast track to lower back pain is ignoring the proper way of doing the exercise in the first place. One of the best ways to prevent lower back pain is to increase the strength of the core muscles that support your back. However, when an injury does take place, cooling the affected regions, taking anti-inflammatory medications, massage and physical therapy can make all the difference. Severe cases of low back pain may be a sign of a herniated disc or another condition that requires a visit to the doctor.

    Patella Femoral Joint Pain

    In the process of building those vital core muscles, CrossFit practitioners perform a lot of leg-strengthening exercises, such as squats and other types of bends. The lack of muscle support surrounding the knee causes the misalignment of the knee, resulting in damage to the knee. Strengthening the gluteus muscles before attempting greater weights helps prevent this condition, but similar to other joint pain, ibuprofen, rest and reducing the swelling through an ice pack lessens the impact of this condition.

    Rotator Cuff Injury

    Anterior shoulder impingement, also known as rotator cuff injuries, can cause significant problems for CrossFit enthusiasts who don’t perform upper body exercises in a correct manner. When the pectoral muscles strain to keep the shoulder in the correct position, the resulting stress on the rotator cuff tendon can result in painful inflammation and even a tear of the tendon itself.

    Keeping your rotator cuff stretched and warmed up is a great way to prevent injury, but physical therapy may be required if you can’t shake the problem off. Icing the shoulder to reduce the swelling, taking anti-inflammatory medicine and rest allows the shoulder to heal. However, severe rotator cuff problems may require surgical intervention.

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