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    While baseball is normally considered the pastime of the United States of America, the fact of the matter is that bowling’s popularity rivals that of baseball, because pretty much everybody can pick up a ball and throw it down an alley.

    The lack of physical barriers to the game of bowling doesn’t mean that you can’t get injured while you’re enjoying a round with your friends and family at the local alley. Sure, there’s always a risk of a wayward ball being launched at you due to a slip of grip, but the real threat of injury from bowling revolves around the repetitive motion inherent in the game itself.

    Rotator Cuff Tear

    A tear in the rotator cuff due to the stress placed on the shoulder after launching hundreds of bowling balls can be a debilitating disease to have to deal with, affecting the daily function of the entire arm while causing pain due to simple motions. Minor tears of the rotator cuff recover well through the application of physical therapy, although more severe tears may require arthroscopic surgery or decompression to treat the injury.


    Tendinitis is the irritation of the tendons, which is tissue that connects the bones to the muscles that support and propel the skeleton. As the tendons swell, the amount of pain that occurs increases. Regardless of the location of the tendinitis, rest from the activity that caused the irritation of the tendons is recommended, along with icing the injury and engaging in physical therapy. The most severe cases of tendinitis may require surgery to fix the cause of the problem.

    Herniated Discharges

    One of the most painful bowling injuries is a herniated disc, which can cause debilitating waves of pain to shoot throughout the back and legs, rendering you close to immobile. A herniated disc takes place when the vertebrae suffers damage that causes a rupture, slip or prolapsed disc. The disc presses directly against major nerves that run down the spine, such as the case in a L5 herniated disc, which is the result of the intense pain that takes place when injured.

    Severe cases of herniated discs can cause the back to quit sending the correct signals to the legs, preventing locomotion. This injury is tricky to deal with because of the sensitivity of the spine, but physical therapy, applying ice to reduce the swelling and anti-inflammatory drugs help keep you moving while you heal from this type of back injury.

    Get Relief from a Chiropractor

    While the advice above will help an individual mitigate bowling injuries, the ultimate recommendation would be to have a chiropractor assess the issue, and provide treatment.

    Dr. Alec Khlebopros has over 10 years of experience in this field, and has been recognized as Charlotte’s best chiropractor on both Facebook and BizVotes. Learn more about our effective bowling injury treatment, and contact us with any questions or to book an appointment.


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