• You are getting older and that means aches and pains, right? One common complaint among people over 40 seems to be hip pain. Because the hips are so important to many everyday movements, pain in that part of the body can affect your life.

    For example, maybe you don’t run as far as you once did. Maybe you have changed your gait to ease the pain. Maybe you don’t enjoy special activities because of the pain. You may have trouble sleeping, using stairs or walking. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

    Here’s the good news. Hip pain isn’t certain as you age. Chiropractic treatment can help ease your pain in the hips, joints and muscles.

    However, to develop the best treatment options for hip pain, it is important to find the reason for it.

    Knowing When to Call the Chiropractor

    There are many things that can cause hip pain, including:

    • Arthritis
    • Swelling and bursitis
    • Sciatica, or inflammation of the sciatic nerve
    • Overuse
    • Trauma and injury
    • Pain from elsewhere in the body, especially the back

    If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms or issues, it is important to see a chiropractor or other medical professional. And it is important that you understand you don’t have to accept hip pain caused by disease and injury. Treatment options are available that do not involve difficult procedures or medication.

    If you have hip pain at all, it’s time to give us a call.

    What to Expect When You Call a Chiropractor for Hip Pain

    Once the chiropractor identifies the cause of hip pain after a complete physical and exam, he develops a treatment plan that can include:

    • Adjustments to the hips and related joints, including techniques such as the Gonstead adjustment, Thompson terminal point technique, activator method, core flexion distraction, toggle drop, Mackenzie technique, release work and the Sacro-occipital technique.
    • Exercises such as leg raises, hip rotation, hip flexion, hip abduction and gluteal squeezes.
    • Posture correction exercises such as chin tucks, shoulder shrugs and shoulder retraction exercises.
    • Stretching exercises such as kneeling hip flexor stretch, butterfly stretch, squats, seated straddle stretch and many others.
    • Massage therapy, including deep tissue massage.

    Treatments discussed with your family physician are best and can reduce inflammation, muscle spasms and strengthen muscles, improving the way you move.

    Get Relief From Hip Pain Now

    You do not have to live with hip pain. Learn how our chiropractor can help you get back to living life safely and without invasive procedures and drugs. Call our clinic at 704-659-3311 or use our online contact form.

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