• When Should You See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

    You should see a chiropractor as soon as possible after a car accident. That’s because car accidents often cause more damage than you might think at first. The adrenaline rush that you get at the scene of an accident can mask symptoms of serious trouble. People often report feeling fine and then waking up feeling painful and achy the next day.

    Avoid complications and get car accident chiropractic treatment right away by calling your chiropractor and asking for an exam. Your chiropractor will examine you for signs of serious injury and recommend a treatment plan, if necessary.

    What Chiropractors Look for in an Exam After a Car Accident

    What doe chiropractors look for in an exam, anyway? To start with, your chiropractor will probably look for signs of something serious – like a traumatic brain injury. If you have one, you might be dazed, confused and slurring your words. Your pupils could even be two different sizes. You might have trouble balancing or walking a straight line.

    Your chiropractor will also be looking for any fractures. X-rays can tell you whether a bone is broken. The problem with x-rays, however, is that they provide little information on soft tissues, like muscle, ligaments and spinal discs. For your chiropractor to get a complete picture of any injuries, he may recommend an MRI. Many soft tissue injuries can only be seen with an MRI.

    Whiplash: A Common Car Accident Injury

    Did you know that whiplash accounts for one million injuries that drivers experience every year? It’s true. Whiplash is extremely common. It’s caused by the jerk or jolt that you experience when you are rear-ended, and it’s often linked to headaches, neck pain, jaw pain and extremity pain.

    The good news is that chiropractic treatment has been proven to be effective for whiplash after a car accident. In fact, studies show that it’s more effective than physical therapy.

    Action Steps: What to Do If You’ve Been Hurt in a Car Accident

    If you have been hurt in a car accident, it’s best not to refuse medical care. Many people say that they’re not hurt. They refuse an ambulance at the scene and don’t visit the emergency room. The problem is that their injuries don’t become apparent until much later. By that time, things can become more serious.

    To get an exam from Dr. Khlebopros after your car accident, fill in the online contact form on our contact page or call us at 704-659-3311.

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