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    Everything you do, from eating your dinner, to writing your name and completing your job, relies on your ability to use your wrists. The only time most individuals think about the importance of their wrists is when they begin to hurt. However, a little forethought could can save you the agony of wrist pains. Here are three very simple ideas that will help prevent wrist pain.

    Prevent Poor Posture

    Whether your job involves working at a desk, raking leaves or building walls, your posture is important. Poor posture changes the way your joints and muscles work. It causes some to be over worked and others to not be used as much as they should. As a result, joints can become unevenly worn, and muscles put under undue strain. Slouching can also affect blood flow. If you are working at a desk this could restrict the blood, and therefore the oxygen supply, required to keep your wrists working efficiently.

    You can improve your posture by:

    • Sitting or standing correctly
    • Ensuring that your workspace is set up properly
    • Moving properly and using the right muscle groups
    • Keeping your wrists in a neutral (straight) position while working, and not keeping them bent for long periods

    Rest And Relax Regularly

    When it comes to your wrists, it is important to give them regular rests, particularly if your work involves repetitive movements. As a general rule, those who spend a significant amount of time at a computer should take short breaks every 20 to 30 minutes. The break should be long enough to walk around your office, or you could consider one of the following:

    • Get a drink or take a toilet break
    • Complete some finger stretching exercises
    • Stretch and move the muscles of the neck and shoulders
    • Change positions at your workstation, and consider standing for a while
    • Change tasks, complete some filing or phone calls
    • Dictate rather than type for a portion of the day

    Wrist pain or injury can occur in any walk of life. However, those who spend extreme amounts of time at the keyboard are amongst the most likely to suffer from repetitive strains, injuries and general pain. Reasons for this include:

    • Poor posture
    • Lack of breaks
    • Badly designed work spaces, and
    • Poor typing skills

    If you are still not sure about just how important your wrists are, place just one in a wrist splint or support, and try to complete your normal activities. It shouldn’t take long to see how difficult life would be without the full use of your wrists. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, so don’t hesitate to visit our chiropractor for more information and advice on preventing wrist pain!

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