• Gua Sha Treatment

    What is Gua Sha?

    Gua sha, a treatment that originated in 14th-century China, is a skin-scraping technique that has been found to be useful for soothing a variety of ailments. The goal of gua sha is to help the body heal itself by restoring the natural elasticity of the region being treated.

    As the Washington Post reports, gua sha was previously known mostly as an East Asian home remedy and traditional treatment, but it is gaining popularity in the West both in alternative therapy centers and with the public.

    Effectiveness of Gua Sha Treatment

    Both patients and studies are sharing positive results from gua sha treatment. While research is still in the early stages, there are indications of scientific evidence for the anecdotal reviews from patients. The Washington Post goes on to state that a recent study found “short-term benefits for chronic neck pain when compared to a thermal heating pad”.

    Patients testify that it helps with a variety of pains, despite some initial anxiety about being scraped with spoons (the traditional tool for the practice, though not the only method available). While the treatment sounds unconventional, patients find it helpful. Harper’s Bazaar writer Julie Kosin was skeptical, but after her first treatment “felt amazing”, echoing praise of the treatment from celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle Macpherson.

    Another study published in Explore found that gua sha resulted in “a fourfold increase in microcirculation PUs at the treated area for the first 7.5 minutes following treatment and a significant increase in surface microcirculation during the entire 25 minutes of the study period following treatment”. Pain relief continued post-treatment, and test subjects suffered no negative reactions.

    Dr. Khlebopros uses gua sha to treat soft tissue injuries and pain, breaking down scar tissue with the help of slightly abrasive, non-invasive implements. It is an effective treatment for many injuries sustained by athletes and other highly active people, including tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, golfer’s elbow and achilles tendonitis.

    Want to Try out Gua Sha Treatment

    If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of gua sha for yourself, our Charlotte Chiropractic can provide gua sha treatment. Dr. Khlebopros, who administers gua sha treatments at our clinic, is a licensed chiropractor and an experienced gua sha practitioner.

    Contact us for more information about gua sha treatment and our chiropractic practice.

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