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    Imagine this: you’re in stop-and-go traffic, trying to get home after a long day at the office. The cars in front of you are inching ahead. Suddenly, you’re thrown forward as the car behind you rams into your trunk. Aside from the surprise and anger you feel, you’re pretty sure you’re uninjured. However, you may have a whiplash injury. Read on to learn how being rear-ended might have dangerous consequences.

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    What Kind of Injuries Can You Sustain When You’re Rear-Ended?

    Immediately after being rear-ended, you might feel fine, or you might be in slight pain, but it can take several days for your body to show signs of injury.

    You might say, “Well, it wasn’t a high speed or high impact collision. How could I possibly be injured?” Even at low speeds, you can sustain soft tissue damage. Soft tissue damage involves the stretching and tearing of joints or tendons . Nerve damage can also occur.

    In addition, the neck can snap back and forth during these types of accidents. This known as “whiplash,” and it can have severe consequences. As a result of a sudden jerking motion, ligaments in the neck can rip, or a disc can herniate. Those are serious injuries. A whiplash injury can also cause numbness in your hands and arms.

    Other common injuries include shoulder and back pain. Those could also be signs of severe physical damage. If you experience abdominal pain or swelling, it’s possible you could be bleeding internally. Internal bleeding can go undetected for hours or even days.

    Headaches are also a well-known occurrence after car accidents take place. Sometimes, they simply mean that your head is sore as a result of being rear-ended. Other times, though, they can signal dangerous injuries like a concussion, neck injury, or a blood clot in the brain.

    Why Take Post-Car Accident Injuries Seriously?

    You might dismiss your discomfort or pains as part of being in a car accident. That isn’t a good idea.

    People who have been in car accidents (especially those who have been rear-ended) frequently report whiplash, which can have long-lasting effects: people can miss work, become less productive, or experience emotional distress because of the injury.

    Many people recover from the effects of whiplash within a few months. About 25% of whiplash sufferers experience long-term pain or are even disabled for months. That pain and disability can, in some cases, last for years.

    How Can You Avoid Long Term Effects from Car Accident Injuries?

    For years, doctors used to prescribe rest and the prolonged use of cervical collars (also known as neck braces). However, studies have shown that these two treatments can actually make neck pain worse, because your neck becomes stiff and the muscles weaken. There are also negative psychological effects; you can become depressed in this situation, which makes physical healing more difficult.

    Can Chiropractic Care Help You?

    Millions of patients have benefited from chiropractic care. Whiplash patients can enjoy pain relief and accelerated healing time when they go to an experienced chiropractor.

    How can a chiropractor help you? He or she can help you increase the range of motion in your neck by manipulating your joints, and by prescribing exercises that will strengthen your body.

    A chiropractor will work with you to determine your specific treatment needs and create a personalized plan to help you recover quickly, so you can return to your normal, active life.

    Turn to an Experienced Chiropractor to Help You Recover from a Whiplash Injury

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