• The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an offshoot of the exercise philosophy called Functional Movement Systems that chiropractic experts are keen to take advantage of. Proponents of this exercise philosophy are grounded on sound science, years of innovation, and research to provide the best results to maintain their body’s proper fitness and health.

    Simplifying movement is the main goal of FMS. That is why it acts as an FMS rank-and-grading system that records the movement patterns essential to maintain the body’s normal function. Screening these patterns will result to clearer and more transparent assessments in determining the body’s functional limitations and asymmetries, the two issues that adversely impact functional training and physical conditioning, while distorting body awareness.

    The Functional Movement Screen Score will determine the target problems, as well as keep track of progress. This scoring system helps chiropractor in determining the best corrective exercises to keep the body’s movement patterns mechanically sound.

    The FMS score should be constantly checked by chiropractic experts to keep track of the individual’s progress, as well as to come up with the best exercises that will yield the best results, such as restore proper movement and build strength.


    The FMS holds a lot of benefits, streamlining the concepts and processes of movement, as well as its impact on the body, benefiting not just the individual, but also exercise professionals as well as chiropractors and physicians. But what are these benefits?

    Easy Communication

    Simple language is used in the FMS, so it’s really very easy for everyone involved to discuss the progress and possible treatments.

    Fast and Accurate Evaluation

    The screen immediately releases asymmetries and limitations, so there’s no need for an individual to undergo extensive testing and analysis.


    The FMS offers practical and handy starting point as a mark of progress, making it easy to assess every performance.


    It’s easy for FMS to identify dangerous movement patterns, making it easier and faster to correct or address issues. The system also specifies a person’s readiness, whether or not he is ready to perform exercise, to make achieving goals more realistic and practical.

    Corrective Strategies

    The FMS is flexible and adaptable, so you can take advantage of this at any fitness level when simplifying corrective strategies when faced with a variety of movement issues. The system also helps chiropractors identify specific exercises or therapies to match FMS scores for customized and patient-centered treatment plans.

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