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    “What did I do to my neck?” you ask yourself. All of the sudden, you’re in pain, and you don’t know why; you haven’t been injured recently. However, the reasons behind your neck pain might not be as weird as you think. Read on to learn how “unexplained” neck pain can be linked to some everyday habits.

    You Text Too Much

    Take a second and think about how many hours a day you spend staring down at your phone. You might even be reading this article on your smartphone right now!

    When you look down at your phone, the lower vertebrae in your neck have to work harder. Your upper back has to work harder, too, because it’s trying to balance your head’s movements.

    Proper posture plays a big role in preventing neck pain, so the next time you’re thinking about looking at your Facebook newsfeed, hold your phone at eye level.

    You Sleep in the Fetal Position

    If you wake up every morning with neck pain, it probably has something to do with how you sleep.

    Sleeping in the fetal position (with your shoulders hunched over and your legs curled up) might make you feel protected, but it’s not very good for your neck. This position doesn’t provide enough support for your neck or your spine, which creates sore muscles.

    Try sleeping on your back so that your spine and neck are better supported.

    You’re Sleeping on the Wrong Pillow

    How long have you had your current pillow? If you can’t remember when you bought it, it might be time for a new one, because this one could be causing your neck pain.

    Why are pillows important? When they don’t give you enough neck support, you’ll experience neck pain when you wake up (and you might not sleep as well, either).

    The Daily Mail offers this tip to determine whether it’s time to go pillow shopping: fold up your pillow. If it stays folded, then the filling isn’t firm enough to support your head and neck anymore.

    You Grit or Grind Your Teeth

    When we’re frustrated, we frequently grit or grind our teeth. We may even do it in our sleep without realizing it.

    Aside from the fact that tooth grinding (known by its medical term, bruxism) wears down your teeth, it can negatively impact your neck muscles, too. Your neck and jaw are attached, so when your jaw is tight, your neck tightens, too.

    You need to address the cause of your tooth grinding, but don’t forget about your neck. Make sure it gets the TLC it deserves by ensuring that you’re exercising it properly and keeping the muscles in shape.

    Your Purse Is Too Heavy

    Large purses or bags are very trendy. And when you load them to the brim, they can also cause neck pain.

    Carrying a heavy purse pulls on a web of nerves that causes an ache starting in your neck and travels down your arm. Your upper back muscles also have to counterbalance the weight. And because women tend to carry their purses or bags over only one shoulder, it throws their muscles out of balance.

    Aside from considering a smaller purse, lighten your load! In addition, try alternating which side of the body on which you carry your purse.

    Find an Experienced Chiropractor to Relieve Your Neck Pain

    A chiropractor can get to the root of your “weird” neck pain causes and help you live a healthy, active life again. At Proactive Chiropractic, we’ve successfully treated many patients with neck pain.

    Our experienced chiropractor, Dr. Alec Khlebopros, practices a wealth of services, treatment options, and procedures that help to restore patients to their healthy selves.

    Click here to contact Proactive Chiropractic for a consultation today, or fill in the form on our contact page and a member of our staff will be in touch soon.

    To learn more about neck pain, visit our Chiropractic Guide to Your Neck.

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