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    Do your knees crack? Lots of people experience this. Knee cracking can occur in healthy people, or it can be a symptom of a physical problem. If you’re wondering why knee cracking happens, we have some possible answers.

    What makes knees crack?

    The unevenness that develops in cartilage as we age is one cause of that cracking sound. Cartilage is the tissue that covers your bones. Uneven cartilage results in rougher patches, and standing or squatting can create sounds when these areas cross. Other sources of the cracking sound include ligaments tightening or joint lining moving.

    When is knee cracking a concern?

    While knees that crack aren’t always cause for concern, they can be if the cracking causes pain or swelling.

    You could also have arthritis. As Healthline explains, knee cracking and popping is common with this condition. A knee damaged by arthritis may “crackle and crunch”. Knee cracking can be a symptom of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, or infectious arthritis. Pay attention if you feel pain when your knees crack, as this most often indicates that arthritis is the source of the noise and your discomfort.

    Injuries can also cause your knees to make noise. That meniscus tears and cartilage injury or wear could be the sound’s source. MedicineNet adds ligament strains or ligament tears, tendon strains/tears, broken bones, and joint dislocation to the list of possibilities.

    Getting help for painful knee cracking

    You need regular exercise, warm ups prior to exercise, keeping flexible, and shoes that fit and are in good condition, and maintaining a healthy weight for healthy knees. Of course, you may already have problems with your knees, and if you have a medical condition that can damage your knees, you may not be able to eliminate or manage your pain on your own. Both conventional and alternative treatments could help. One possibility is chiropractic treatment. If you are interested in trying this method of treatment, Proactive Chiropractic in Charlotte, North Carolina may be able to assist you.

    Our experienced chiropractor, Dr. Alec Khlebopros, practices a wealth of services, treatment options, and procedures that help to restore patients to their healthy selves.

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