• Did You Hurt Yourself Helping A Friend Move

    Assisting a friend with a move can be a huge help. Moving is often stressful, complicated, time-consuming, and physically exhausting, and your friend doubtless really appreciates the commitment of your time and energy to helping them establish themselves in a new dwelling. But helping a friend move can also cause back injuries due to all the heavy lifting and moving of your friend’s possessions.

    What Are the Most Common Moving-Related Injuries?

    While fingers and toes can be victims of moving-related damage, some of the most common moving day injuries are back-related, according to Apartment Guide. WebMD cites the causes of lower back strain as “extreme physical exertion, falling, bending or crouching repeatedly, and lifting heavy objects if you are not in shape”. All of these are possibilities when helping a friend move, and the extreme weight of some furniture and over-packed boxes could be problematic for even the strongest among us.

    Many articles online, including one on Moving.com, are devoted to ways to prevent moving injuries. The information largely focuses on ways to protect your back, including bending at the knees, carrying items close to your center of gravity, getting help lifting items that are heavy or otherwise difficult to move, and stretching before and after lifting and carrying. But these tips don’t help if you’re already injured (and even following these tips can’t prevent every possible risk), so what can you do now?

    How to Help Your Body Recover

    When dealing with back pain (or any other injury), the degree of treatment your body needs will depend on how badly you’ve hurt yourself. Icing swollen muscles may help, and applying heat may be useful for relaxing muscles once inflammation has been reduced. Physical therapy is also recommended for low back strain.

    How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help with Back Pain

    Chiropractic treatment can help with back pain in a variety of ways. According to Spine Health, spinal adjustments and mobilization can help with pain while recommendations for exercises and stretching techniques can assist with long-term maintenance. If moving day wasn’t the only source of your pain, lifestyle changes suggested by a chiropractor could also be useful.

    If you’re looking for a chiropractor near Charlotte, North Carolina, Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center can help. Contact us to learn more about our back pain treatments as well as issues in the neck, shoulders, and many other areas of the body.

    To learn more about back pain, visit our Complete Guide to Your Back: Prevention, Pain, Injuries and Treatment.

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