• Neck-pain-chiropractorYour dull, nagging neck ache is blooming into a full-on pain, and you’re seriously considering a trip to the chiropractor for neck pain.

    It’s both annoying and alarming to find that you’re waking up with a crick in your neck, you can’t turn your head as fully as you use to or that simple tasks like lowering your head or eating are becoming more difficult by the day.

    Now, you’re getting desperate for answers.

    Before you schedule a visit to your chiropractor, though, you may want a clearer idea of what is causing your neck pain. Is it muscular or spinal?

    IvyRose Holistics states, “neck pain is not unusual and can have various causes.” While there is no way to know for certain, here are a few guidelines to help you determine the nature of your neck pain.


    Damage to the muscles of the neck can result in a sprain or sensation of stiffness. The levator scapula muscle, which wraps around the back and sides of the neck, connecting it to the cervical spine, is particularly susceptible to damage and can significantly reduce your range of motion if injured.

    You may be more vulnerable to muscular neck pain if you work out intensely or have a physically demanding job.

    You may be suffering from muscle-related neck pain if:

    • You feel a tearing or pulling sensation when you attempt to fully raise, lower or turn your head.
    • Your neck muscles feel weak or uncoordinated.
    • You experience sharp pain or discomfort when you attempt to move your neck after a long period of holding it still.
    • Your neck pain is sometimes accompanied by arm pain.


    The cervical spine forms the bony portion of the neck and houses the delicate structure of the spinal cord. Some neck issues like stiffness, a “pins and needles” sensation, or pain that extends into the shoulders and arms, can be attributed to problems in the cervical spine.

    Damage to this area can result from age-related wear and tear on the vertebrae, pinched nerves, an injury or a number of other factors.

    Some clues that your neck pain may be spinal in nature are:

    • The pain is characterized by a throbbing or pulsing sensation (this can indicate inflammation around the joint).
    • The pain is accompanied by numbness in the hands or feet.
    • Your neck pain is severe enough to cause a change in the way you walk, write or put on clothing.

    NASM Elite trainer Trevor Wicken reminds neck pain sufferers that, “there is no single test that can differentiate between nerve, muscle, or skeletal pain.” However, addressing your neck pain with a chiropractor is a big step toward getting answers.

    If you feel that any of these causes or symptoms may be apply to you, then you already have a good starting point to begin a discussion with your chiropractor.

    To start your journey to neck pain relief, contact Proactive Chiropractic for more information about neck pain, its possible causes and options for treatment.

    Dr. Alec Khlebopros has over 10 years of experience in this field, and has been recognized is ranked as the area’s best chiropractor on both Facebook and BizVotes. Click here to see what services we offer, and how we can help you.

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