• A lot of chiropractors would often diagnose patients who went through car accidents and they would divulge they sustained no major injuries, just mere “fender bender” so to speak. “Actually, a lot of research and scientific studies can reveal that these low speed impact MVA’s injuries actually have impact on the tissues undergo injury,” revealed Dr. Alec Khlebopros, chiropractic specialist at Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center in Charlotte NC.

    But what triggers the occurrence of motor vehicle accident injuries? Dr. Khlebopros explains that these are the product of the impact, as well as biomechanics of an injury.  “Majority of vehicle injuries are triggered by unusual hyperextension flexion. Commonly, we call these ‘whiplash’ injuries.” But no matter how minor the impact may be, chances are severe trauma may occur to the bones and soft tissue particularly in the cervical spine.

    For example, the impact of a 20-mph accident could lead to peak acceleration of the head of 12 G into extension. Even the slowest speed (4-5 mph) could exert 4.5G of force on the neck and head.

    But what if I was wearing a headrest when the impact occurred? It’s of little to no value at all because damage is vertically acting, not horizontal.

    Motor vehicle accidents are considered one of the worst challenges facing chiropractors and physical therapists given that every mechanism or factor affecting or causing the injury is different from one another. That’s why it pays to have the knowledge of the musculoskeletal anatomy to ensure precise diagnosis and provide proper therapy.

    Low-speed impact MVA’s may also be categorized as soft tissue injuries or musculoskeletal joint injuries.  They are caused by front-end impact of flexion/extension, mechanism, a rear-ended impact of hyperextension/flexion mechanism, or a side impact of lateral flexion mechanism.  However, the person’s condition could worsen if he does not observe proper posture when driving the vehicle.

    However, the spine could grip substantial force resulting to spinal fractures and disc herniation.  Safety may be ensured with the modification of the headrest. It should be leveled with the occiput with harness added for full security. Modifications like this are very important in protecting or at least minimizing the impact on higher cervical spinal cord, instead, letting the torso absorb much of impact since the occupant’s forward motion is limited.

    Don’t ever neglect low speed impact MVA or else they could lead to further damage that could hasten the deterioration of your condition or put you in excruciating pain. Consult a chiropractic specialists after sustaining low-impact injuries even if you don’t feel any pain. Proper diagnosis will be given your condition prior to any forms of treatment that could work well towards correcting any issues affecting your spine or bones.

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