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    Pregnancy can certainly have an effect on your health, especially your back. However, once you have the baby it does not mean that you are in the clear. How you carry your baby while pregnant can have an effect on your spine.  The same goes for how you carry your baby after it’s born. Carrying your baby inappropriately can cause serious damage to your spine and can make you very uncomfortable. For this reason you should consider visiting a chiropractor. The chiropractor will then be able to offer tips on how to effectively and safely carry your baby.

    Carrying Your Infant

    Chiropractors believe that structure determines the function of your body. If your body is structurally unsound, then chances are that your health will be affected negatively. One of the most common ways that spinal structures become damaged is through the use of repetitive, irregular postures. New parents should be aware of this, as it means that the way that they choose to carry their infants can have long tern postural effects not only on themselves, but on their children as well.

    One of the biggest mistakes that new parents make is carrying the baby while still in the car seat. Carrying the car seat can lead to undue postural distortion in not only the mother, but the infant as well. As the baby grows the task will become more and more difficult, and could lead to structural damage.

    Baby Wearing

    Baby wearing has become increasingly popular among many parents; this is where the mother or father wears the baby as they go about their day to day tasks. This is good for bonding between the baby and parents.

    Choosing a Baby Carrier

    A good baby carrier will offer multiple positions for not just the mother, but the baby as well. This will ensure that irregular, repetitive movements will not lead to long-term damage. By utilizing a baby carrier that offers multiple positions the mother can choose a position that is comfortable for her and allows her to move freely. It could mean a different position every hour or every couple of hours. This ensures the postural integrity of both mom and baby. The following factors should be considered when buying a baby carrier.

    • Does the carrier offer numerous positions for the wearer?
    • Does the carrier offer multiple positions for the baby?
    • How long will this career accommodate the baby?
    • Can the baby be moved easily when sleeping?
    • Does the carrier require the wearer to support the baby with a hand?
    • Can the baby be put into all positions alone or will assistance be needed
    • Is the baby’s weight evenly dispersed?
    • Does the carrier cause repetitive stress to an area of the wearer’s spine?

    By considering these factors when choosing a baby carrier, you will not only prevent back pains, but also ensure that your child is at all times comfortable, and that no undue pressure is being put on the baby. If you already have back pain as a result of carrying your baby for long periods, you should consider seeking chiropractic care.  The chiropractor might be able to advice you on how to best carry your child without hurting your back.

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