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    Which professional should you go to after you’ve had a car accident? A car accident chiropractor or a physical therapist? What’s the difference between the two approaches to health?

    Chiropractic therapy versus physical therapy

    Chiropractors focus on the musculoskeletal system and on the manipulation of the spine especially, as well as other joints. They also utilize muscle release techniques. The realignment through manipulation of the spine relieves tension, allows for muscle relaxation, and relief of pain.

    Chiropractic alignment also affects the nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord. Because the nervous system controls everything, including muscles, organs, and cells, the realignment improves bodily function, balance, and movement for a return to health.

    They can and do create exercise programs for their patients to strengthen rehabilitate muscles that are weakened as a result of the car accident injury, but the physical therapist can actually help patients with these exercise programs by making sure they’re done correctly, with proper form, to avoid re-injury.

    Physical therapists focus more broadly on the body; while they do some manipulations of the spine, for example, and use muscle release techniques, but they have less experience with manipulation as a treatment technique.

    After a car accident, chiropractor or physical therapy can be used together

    While chiropractors and physical therapists do work separately, they can also combine skills to provide customized therapy for you after you’ve had a car accident. For example, your treatment may break down like so:

    Use chiropractors to diagnose, treat, and prevent head, neck, and spinal injuries

    Because chiropractors tend to be more skilled than physical therapists at the use of spinal manipulation, they are often the best choice to provide manipulations after a car accident has occurred.

    They can also put together a personalized exercise program and offer nutritional advice, perhaps in cooperation with your physical therapist.

    Use physical therapists for strengthening and rehabilitation

    Once your chiropractor has diagnosed any back injuries that have occurred as a result of your car accident and has determined the necessary treatments through manipulation, he or she may also put together an exercise program for you,

    Your physical therapist and chiropractor can work together to develop an appropriate program for you. Once the program has been developed, your physical therapist will work with you to strengthen muscles, regain flexibility, and alleviate pain.

    Maintaining relationships with both throughout the course of treatment

    After your car accident chiropractor or physical therapy should continue to be done in tandem or as decided upon by your treatment team until you have restored function. In addition, while physical therapy may be an end, you may decide to continue to pay visits to your chiropractor on regular basis so that you stay “well-adjusted,” literally, free from pain and further disability.

    Have you been in a car accident?

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