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    Sprinting creates a lot of stress within your core muscles and legs, which bear the brunt of the burden. Athletes such as football players train relentlessly to improve their 40-yard dash, which is considered a key aspect of playing the sport at a high level. Various studies have shown that chiropractors help assist people who want to improve their explosiveness and speed.

    Smooth, Full Range Of Motion

    The quickness of your forty-yard dash is directly related to the ease of movement while on the track or field. Most of the fastest sprinters in the world have a smooth, streamlined stride, making it appear as if they’re almost floating across the surface. Performing at a high level requires that this motion remains smooth to optimize the power generated by the athlete.

    Studies have shown that chiropractic treatment has the ability to help restore ease of movement in critical muscle groups and connective tissue, as well as a full range of motion. Treating the hips, lumbar and spine helps to reduce movement restrictions due to injury, allowing you to focus strictly on training and executing a solid 40-yard dash.

    Reduced Pain

    One of the biggest barriers that all top athletes face is pain, which is the body’s natural response to the stress of intense, high-level training. Multiple sports have reported a reduction of pain through chiropractic treatment, addressing ailments across the entire musculoskeletal system. Through a consistent treatment regime, athletes may treat and prevent chronic, even debilitating pain.

    Sports hernias are an example of an extremely uncomfortable injury that greatly restricts performance. A study performed on soccer players with sports hernias shows that a consistent, conservative chiropractic treatment regime over eight weeks relieves painful symptoms. This shows that people who play sports which involve activities similar to 40-yard dashes benefit from pain reduction offered by chiropractic rehabilitation.

    Increased Strength

    One aspect of the 40-yard dash that improves your time involves the development of strength, especially within your core muscles. Surprisingly, chiropractic treatment has been shown to improve muscle strength, linking the health of your spine with the amount of power your body is able to generate. Put simply, when you’re experiencing back problems, symptoms prevent your nervous system and muscles from producing the energy needed for peak strength.

    In fact, one study showed that after only three treatments, athletes registered an increase of more than 10 percent of additional strength compared to strength tests performed before chiropractic manipulation of the injury. The link between spinal health and strength suggests that the best 40-yard dash times will occur when athletes ensure that they take care of their spine through chiropractic manipulation.

    Preventative Maintenance

    As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and chiropractic treatment is an ideal form of preventative maintenance for athletes who endure a punishing physical regime in an attempt to maximize their 40-yard dash. Part of any solid training regimen involves sufficient healing and resting to ensure that you’re ready to go according to your training schedule.

    According to a study conducted by Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation, baseball players who underwent regular chiropractic treatment were much less likely to suffer from hamstring and lower limb issues compared to those who avoided treatment. If you want to maximize your 40-yard dash, this type of injury prevention will help to make sure that your training regimen remains consistent.

    Chiropractors For Sports and Athletics

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