• back pain at work

    Back pain should not be ignored. While there are some instances where the pain is benign, more often than not back pain is an indicator that something is wrong.

    According to Livestrong, “The spine houses the spinal cord and spinal nerves that carry information to the entire body [which] is a complex structure designed to move and is susceptible to dysfunction. When the spine becomes misaligned, it can affect function in a variety of ways.” Issues relating to spinal alignment, arthritis, or muscles like the trapezius or Latissimus dorsi having spasms, can cause a cascade effect with function in the rest of the body.

    In fact, it may even be indicative of something else, like heart or intestinal conditions, according to WebMD. Under extenuating circumstances where long-term health is concerned, there are certain situations when it is not safe to return to work with back pain.

    Your Back Pain Interferes with Daily Activities of Life

    If you experience pain when you get out of bed, take a shower, or bend to tie your shoe, that is a big red flag telling you to STOP ignoring your back pain and START seeking some form of medical consultation. When you try to push through the pain just so that you can make it in to work, you are putting your health and earning potential on the line.

    Your Working Conditions Exacerbate Your Back Pain

    It may be easy to tell yourself that you can cope with work because you’re desk bound and not doing too much physical activity. What you may not realize is that this could actually be hurting you even more, because of Sitting Disease, which is linked to several back and muscular injuries. The incidence of these conditions increases with the amount of sedentary behavior, and is seen most often in office workers who do not move freely during the day.

    Your Primary Care Physician Has Advised You to Avoid Returning to Work for a Set Period of Time

    If your doctor or clinician has advised you that returning to work could cause re-injury or increase your level of pain, it is important to heed that advice. These professionals have been through extensive training to identify injury or ailments, and diagnose an appropriate care routine. If you want to ensure that you will have good and sustainable health for the foreseeable future, it is in your best interest to follow your care advice, and rest up and keep having regular chiropractic adjustments to correct the issue and live happily.

    Is Your Back Pain Stopping You?

    We would all like to see ourselves as invincible, but our bodies do break down, especially when we perform repetitive motions on a frequent basis. At Proactive Chiropractic we can help you on the road to health and wellness.

    Proactive Chiropractic has been helping individuals for over 10 years to prevent and treat injuries.  Contact us today for more information about back pain treatment options.


  • I have been suffering from back pain and my back pain got worse after having ignored it for too long. I learned it the bad way, never ignore it and get some rest!

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