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    Our bodies are a lot like machines. Every atom, cell, bone, and muscle is connected, like a circuit board. However, similar to machines, we do break down from time to time. We should follow proper health habits that prevent injuries while helping us to recover from aches and pains that we experience when we play our favorite sports. Tennis aficionados dealing with chronic shoulder pain should consider these six issues when tackling the problem.

    1. Proper stretching will not aggravate a muscle injury

    When starting exercise, begin with slow stretches and deep breathing to warm yourself up. Follow recommendations by your chiropractor or fitness instructor.

    2. Icing the Shoulder

    Cooling down your shoulder is a great way to reduce inflammation. To prevent an ice burn, always cover the ice with a towel. If you do get an ice burn, use aloe vera, or a prescribed skincare medicine by your physician. Let your shoulder warm up after using ice for ten minutes, before reapplying a cold press to the area.

    3. Heating the Shoulder

    While icing the reduces shoulder pain, applying a warm pack warms up the muscles in the area, making it easier to use your shoulder. Similar to icing your shoulder, enforce a ten-minute limit on applying heat, cooling the area before reapplication.

    4. Massaging Muscles Before a Game Loosens You Up

    Chiropractors often massage muscles in the process of providing adjustments. When experiencing muscle pain, give your injury a massage before you play tennis. Massages help alleviate stress and pain by keeping blood circulating.

    5. Watch your posture

    Avoid slouching, which puts stress on parts of your body, including your shoulder, by distributing pressure in an uneven fashion. Consulting with a chiropractor can help teach you how to utilize proper posture to reduce the amount of stress on your body.

    6. Seek shoulder pain treatment when necessary

    Sometimes, when you’ve done everything that you can to alleviate the pain in your shoulder, seeking help from a professional can make a world of difference. Tennis injuries, similar to other sports injuries, often require treatment beyond what you’re capable of doing yourself.

    Are You Looking for Relief from Shoulder Pain?

    We would all like to see ourselves as invincible, but our bodies do break down, especially when we perform repetitive motions on a frequent basis. Proper stretching will prepare your body for a vigorous tennis match while reducing the amount of discomfort you experience.

    Proactive Chiropractic has been helping individuals for over 10 years to prevent and treat tennis-related injuries.  Contact us today for more information about shoulder pain treatment options.

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