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    Chiropractic medicine is becoming increasingly popular as many people experience its unique and wholesome benefits.  The presence of a sore neck or back – or constant headaches – can prompt the question “Should I visit a chiropractor for help?”

    Here are 10 questions you should ask if you think you need a chiropractor:

    1. What caused my injury/soreness/stiffness?

    Take time to reflect back on the cause of your current pain or discomfort. Typically, most people think of chiropractors as “sore back” doctors who treat subluxated (misaligned) vertebrae in the back.

    Since the entire musculoskeletal system of the human body works as an integrated whole, even discomfort in the hands and feet can often be alleviated by a trained chiropractor.

    2. How will the chiropractor perform an analysis?

    Chiropractors use a wide variety of tools to help perform a complete analysis on your muscles, bones, and nerves. They are able to target stress-points, leading to an accurate assessment of your body’s condition.

    3. Will they crack my back?

    It depends. Some subluxations require a swift, high-pressure force for realignment. Others require a steady application of pressure. Typically adjustments are silent, although sometimes a slight “pop” is heard when force is applied.

    4. Can my child receive chiropractic care?

    Yes. Chiropractors are highly trained in physiology and chiropractic methodology, able to treat any variety of patients, from small children to the elderly, to the average adult.

    5. I think my sore back is just from bad posture. Can a Chiropractor help?

    Absolutely. The cause may have been preventable, but your current discomfort is still present. A chiropractor can alleviate muscle tension and develop a treatment of specific stresses and dietary changes for you to continue when you go home, helping your body to heal itself naturally.

    6. So if I get an adjustment, I’m good to go?

    Ideally, medical treatment would be a one-time event, leaving us fully cured. The reality is that our body takes time to heal. Each chiropractic visit will help your body, but adjustments may be so minor each time that several appointments may be required.  Those who experience chronic pain may benefit from weekly or monthly adjustments.

    7. Is it really scientific?

    In a culture permeated with pharmaceutical solutions, alternative medicines are often viewed as “un-scientific”. Fortunately, chiropractic medicine is a scientifically proven form of treatment. Our cutting-edge analysis methods help our patients understand the process.

    8. Are all chiropractors the same?

    No. Chiropractors differ in style and abilities the same as surgeons and family physicians.

    9. Will my insurance cover chiropractic care?

    Many will. Check your health insurance policy to find out whether you are covered for chiropractic treatment.

    10. Do I need a referral to get started?

    No. Just walk into a chiropractor’s office to begin your process of wholesome healing.

    Chiropractic medicine is a scientific, proven method of treatment, alleviating many types of pain and discomfort. For more information on how chiropractic services may benefit you, contact the professionals at Proactive Chiropractic.

    Dr. Alec Khlebopros has over 10 years of experience in this field, and has been recognized is ranked as the area’s best chiropractor on both Facebook and BizVotes. Click here to see what services we offer, and how we can help you.

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